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Omega 3 Anxiety Relief Supplements – Do They Really Work?


Remember those old Hollywood movies where the bad guy sent over the fish to signal that someone was, “Swimming With the Fishes”. It was a scary moment, as the music played, and all the women started to cry. But what if the victims associates opened up that nice fresh salmon or lake trout, fired up the grill, and cooked it to perfection. Would everyone feel much better about the whole anxiety riddled affair. It is high unlikely that omega 3 anxiety relief would be depicted in this type of movie, but in real life there is solid evidence to suggest this may indeed be the case.

There are seven types of anxiety which range from mild to very severe. They are generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, panic disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. In this article we will be speaking primarily about run of the mill mild anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder which is basically the common cold of anxiety disorders.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is the next level up from the form of anxiety where you run the stop light and momentary whether there is policeman poised to give you a ticket. GAD involves long lasting, almost constant state of tension and worry. Realistic worries, don’t mean you have generalized anxiety disorder. For example, let’s say your teenage daughter is a few minutes late getting home and you are worried. This in not GAD. But let’s say she is never late getting home but you worry about here being late constantly, you just might be a candidate for generalized anxiety disorder.

But is there any evidence to suggest omega 3 anxiety relief is possible? Most of the evidence it anecdotal, nevertheless one recent study suggested that omega 3 fatty acids improve neurotransmitter activity (brain chemical messengers) and sensitivity in the brain. The be specific neurotransmitters involved are dopamine and/or serotonin.

My person experience with using omega 3 anxiety supplements such as fish oil seem to support the anecdotal evidence. Studies on one’s self are less than scientific, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, what I have found is that about 30 minutes after taking two 1000 mg omega 3 anxiety supplement capsules (fish oil) my anxiety tends to lessen. Additionally, omega 3 anxiety supplements such as fish oil tend to make me sleep sounder and more peacefully when I am under stress.

Now just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you! On the other hand, wouldn’t you agree that it could be worth a try. After all omega 3 supplementation of 700 mg a day has been proven to help with a number of common mental ailments including depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. They also have been proven to help control over 60 physiological conditions including heart disease, arthritis, and macular degeneration. The applications are very broad to say the least.

In summary, it is hard to emphatically say that omega 3 anxiety supplements such as high DHA fish oil will help. Nevertheless, their availability, affordability, and overall safety have made them a natural option for anxiety worth considering.

Source by Rob D. Hawkins

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