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The Environment Affects Health


 More about environment. It not only affects your mental health but also your physical health. Depending on what part of the environment you are talking about, it can have a great impact.

Let us talk about the wider environment. I mean about the pollution. Not only the air pollution with fine particles. There are other sources that cause pollution. Like the noise. Noise caused by all sorts of things. Like cars. Like airplanes. Like music boxes. Not all music is really good for your ears. If it is too loud, it will affect your health. Maybe it does not only affect your ears and your capacity to hear properly.

It can affect your nervous system. And it will then certainly affect your overall health. It is just a question of decibels. You do not need to turn up your speakers to full volume in order to listen to music. You may have heard that the ears of most young people are already compromised. You can preserve your ears if you listen to music at a low volume, just at a level that you can hear it but not more.

Obviously, you cannot do a lot about noises that are produced by cars and airplanes, by engines that you do not operate yourself. You may be able to reduce their influence by wearing a protection.

As far as air pollution is concerned, you can avoid the one you produce yourself. That is by reducing heating. by using carefully your fireplace. By using your car only when you cannot walk or take a public transportation means. This is a big issue. Many people use their cars to go around the block. They pollute the air and consume energy. that could be used in a better way.

Pollution does not end here. There are other means that are polluted. And there are other ways in which that affects your health.

Think of the news. Most of it is useless. It does not do anything else than pollute your mind. If news pollutes your mind, it affects your health.

As you may know, your body and your mind are connected. They are actually one thing. They are energy. The body is a denser energy than your mind but they exchange their energies on certain levels. If your mind is polluted by the negative news you read or hear every day, you also pollute your body. Be therefore careful in what you want to hear and what you want to see. You can do a lot about avoiding pollution. You just have to think about it and choose the right things that will not affect your health negatively.

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