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The Effects of Diabetes on Men’s Sexual Health


Good sexual health is important among other factors for enjoying a blissful sex life. At the same time, there are some factors, which have negative effect on the health of men and women. These include aging, stress and disease. One of the diseases that seriously influence sexual- health in men is diabetes. Recent researches have concluded that over half of the men suffering from diabetes may experience poor sexual health or even impotence.

It is crucial for diabetics and their partners to understand how and why this happens. Sexual arousal and erection in men is caused by excitement signals released by nerves and by increased flow of blood into the penis. Diabetics often suffer from impaired nerves and blood vessels, which reduces the blood flow to the penis. This may be a direct result of the disease or the side effect of drugs that are taken for treating diabetes. The longer a person suffers from diabetes, more are the chances of his suffering from poor health.

In order to manage this problem, we recommend that diabetic male patients follow the tips given below:

• Talk to your partner. This will help release tension in your sexual relationship and will help in coming to terms with the situation.

• Take advice of your doctor. You should discuss the issue of your health with your doctor as he may alter the medicines you are taking for diabetes.

• Keep your blood glucose levels in check by regularly taking medicines, and adopting healthier life-style.

• Explore other issues that may be aggravating the problems such as alcohol, stress or any other psychological problems.

In addition to these tips, there are options available for diabetic men that help them achieve better sexual-health. These include health supplements, local creams, medicines, devices and surgery. However, you should be fully research and verify them before you start using them to improve your sexual- health.

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