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Stop Smoking – 5 Natural Ways to Quit Smoking


Owing to the rising hesitation about introducing synthetic drugs in the body, many people are searching ways to quit smoking naturally. Below are some of these natural methods which are generally used to stop smoking.

Herbal Methods

Many herbal formulations have been applied for helping people overcome their smoking habit. One of the most popular herbs is Lobelia which has almost the same taste with none of the harm associated with nicotine. Therefore people who are addicted to cigarettes with nicotine could be switched over to smoke cigarettes which containing Lobelia. The benefits of the herbal quit smoking methods is that they don’t have any negative effects on the body and are much cheaper than other available holistic options.


Acupuncture has a long-standing reputation in helping people to quit smoking. It is more than just any natural method of sticking some random pins into your body. The acupuncture pins are stuck at some focused points on the body that are meant to release components called endorphins. These endorphins act as natural pain relievers and have specific responses on the body. As a person is attempting to stop smoking, acupuncture released the endorphins which could be highly significant in mitigating the painful withdrawals which might happen and helps the person to live smoke-free without much risk.

Behavioral Therapy

As we all know smoking is largely a vice which is carried on through a patterned behavioral modification. Usually someone might have a smoke when retiring to bed or take up smoking after meals. Even if the person doesn’t consciously want a cigarette at this period, the subconscious mind will insist them to have it due to the patterns which have been created. Behavior therapy can help to remove such negative patterns and hence helping people to quit smoking.

Motivational Therapy

Motivational therapy is another popular ways to quit smoking naturally. By making smokers focus on the positives of giving up the habit, this method has becomes largely a counseling method in which a person is made to leave smoking. For instance this type of therapy could motivate a smoker to calculate how much they spend on cigarettes per month. They are educated that they would save this amount for other purpose if they lived healthy. This is how motivational therapy works but the results of this method can differ from one individual to another.

Self Hypnosis

Nowadays hypnosis is being applied very prominently as one of the ways to quit smoking naturally. Smokers will be put into a trance-like state and then several recommends will be made to them to stop smoking. This data gets recorded in their subconscious mind after which the person will really develop aversion to cigarettes.

Besides this method can also help people overcome their painful withdrawal symptoms when they are giving up smoking. This will helps them stay true to their resolve of quitting smoking. Therefore self hypnosis become one of the effective ways to quit smoking naturally that doesn’t have any negative effects and is a comparatively cheap method to use.

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