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How to Overcome Night Eating Syndrome – Cure For Night Eating


This may be the first time you’ve heard the phrase night eating syndrome, but chances are that you know someone who this term suits perfectly well. Whether you find yourself searching for midnight snacks in the wee small hours of the morning or are taking entire meals late at night you could qualify if you are getting a good bit of your caloric intake after your evening meal. It isn’t yet listed as an eating disorder but that will probably change in time.

The Times They are a-Changing

The nocturnal raiding of the refrigerator after everyone has gone to bed was one of the things that small children often looked forward to doing when becoming adults. In the past there were commercials that addressed midnight snacking as well as more than a few sitcom episodes. It was laughed about and expected rather than what it is now-something stigmatized and labeled as a syndrome.

It has been a cultural thing in the U. S. for years and has only recently been recognized as part of the problem with our society. As obesity rates soar, it makes sense that we are seeing more attention focused on overeating help for those who suffer with night eating syndrome and are drawn to eat in the late hours of the night. Who knew that this would someday be behavior that is considered a disorder?

What’s the Problem with Late Night Snacking?

You may wonder why it’s such a problem to enjoy a midnight snack. Those who suffer from night eating syndrome often do not realize that the vast majority of their light night eating is rich in carbohydrates, calories, and fat. Even worse, these are calories that aren’t likely to be consumed as your body is likely to be entering a mode of rest in the near future. This means that those calories are more likely to stay with you in the form of fat in those places that you are least interested in finding fat.

What Can Hypnotherapy do to Help?

You are capable of curing your night eating syndrome once you learn to unlock the power of the mind and rid yourself of the cravings that often hold you hostage at night, torn between your refrigerator and your nocturnal hunger pains. NLP, neuro-linguistic programming can help you get overeating help in two ways: by relieving the stress and anxiety that often lead to your need to eat at night and second by retraining your mind.

The problem with things like late night eating is that they become a habit. Habits are by their nature difficult to overcome and get rid of. By retraining your mind to ‘look the other way’ or ignore the habitual nature of eating at night you are leaving yourself free to do something other than giving in to your disorder and finding something to eat. Make your plans today and find the overeating help you need to overcome night eating syndrome for good.

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