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Protein Synthesis – An Essential Function for the Survival of Human Body


The human being like other animals survives on food, which is the major source to get energy. Our food comprises of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and certain other elements. Food substances after entering inside the body pass through the process of digestion. During this process, small particles of carbohydrates, proteins and fats get absorbed inside the blood. The actual process takes place inside the human cell, where these food substances release energy.

Protein is usually taken in the form of meat and vegetables. This substance is not only useful for the generation of energy, but also it is one of the major building blocks of the body. Proteins make our muscles; they are present in the intestinal wall, in the heart, brain and everywhere. Nature has awarded a wonderful mechanism to our body via which we can produce proteins along with obtaining them from outside resources like in food substances. This is a significant way to fulfill the requirement of proteins, so that our body does not get deficiency and proteins stores would not be depleted.

Protein synthesis happens inside the cell. Small protein particles called as amino acids are joined together randomly and in a different sequence and number to generate different types of proteins. The generation of specific type of protein depends upon the requirement of the body. The message to generate proteins is transferred from brain to the cell, which then starts developing proteins within seconds.

Proteins are the major constituents of the human body. Therefore, every individual requires having the greater amount of varieties of this substance in his body. According to a research, healthy life is directly related to the greater stores of the major types of proteins inside the body’s reservoirs.

Protein synthesis is a continuous process, and its rate can be further enhanced by taking appropriate diet. The synthesis of protein depends upon certain raw materials. The major proportion of constituents in a protein can be obtained from poultry items, like chicken, eggs, dairy food items, beans, steaks, nuts and seeds, etc. Protein synthesis can also be enhanced by taking good fat substances and carbohydrates, which are found in bread, some vegetables and sugar items, etc.

Another way to increase protein synthesis is the exercise or continuous activities. The requirement of oxygen increases inside the body with strenuous exercises. As a result, the body starts anaerobic glycolysis, which means the breakdown of carbohydrates for the generation of energy in the absence of oxygen. In usual circumstances, this breakdown could not happen without oxygen. Anaerobic glycolysis also destroys proteins as well to generate the appropriate amount of energy. Body maintains the normal structure and hence increases the production of protein at a high pace. Bodybuilders use to get the huge body mass by the same mechanism. There are certain medications as well, which can enhance protein synthesis. The development of proteins also depends upon some physical and psychological factors as well.

There are various other factors, which are necessary for the optimal synthesis of protein. Sleep, for instance, is one of the major factors necessary for good health. Proper sleep makes a person relaxed, and he gets regularization of different organs inside his body. Good sleep means uninterrupted sleep for at least six hours during the night. An individual should not have any problem in sleep induction. Additionally, he should not have any feeling of tiredness after awakening. If a person is losing weight, he should first consider whether his sleep is proper or not. A doctor might be consulted in case of improper sleep habits.

The second important factor is the proper diet at the right time. According to a research, it is a healthy habit to take a meal before going for exercise. In this way, protein synthesis would happen at an increased pace, since the body would have all the necessary raw material available for this job. It is therefore, necessary to regularize the timing of taking meals. The food items must possess all the essential nutrients, like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, etc. A nutritionist’s help could be worth full in this instance.

Last but not least; bodybuilding activities are the great ways to enhance protein synthesis and muscle mass, since this type of strenuous exercise impacts directly over muscles. Bodybuilding not only increases the body mass, but also it improves the performance of other body systems and organs.

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