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Pollution – Not an Individual Concern, It’s Global (And Vice Versa)


There is only one planet for us and we live in it. But due to modernization, the environment has suffered and most inhabitants of this planet just shrugged their shoulder for a time. Now, that the planet is complaining through so many natural ways and tragedies, nobody can just shrug a shoulder anymore. Everyone needs to contribute to make things better – to start reducing the pollution that’s killing this planet.

Individual efforts in many simple ways can help save this planet. Developing a concern for nature and doing something to conserve and preserve it could help but a concerted effort from these awakened individuals would create a much bigger impact for the cause.

Yes, this is a global concern. Yes, this is a concern for every country. Most definitely, it is a concern of each person in the city or town. Everyone should start becoming aware of the consequences of modernization. There really is nothing wrong with wanting to advance but from hereon, there should be great consideration on whether the whole planet will be affected yet again.

Advances in technology and advances in the way we live are great achievements to boast about. It would be best if these technologies that make our lives so much easier and convenient would also make it easier for the entire planet.

Pollution is a very big concern for everyone. Air, water, and noise pollutions are byproducts of modernization because humans have simply overlooked the environment for so long a time. Again, there is nothing wrong in wanting to advance to the next level – but we owe it to the planet to consider its needs as well.

Now that so many groups and individuals (even businesses) have started to go green and to think green, it may not really be too late for this planet. Every citizen of every country who makes the effort to build a concern for his environment matters a lot. Each family should raise the awareness among the children about the effects of pollution to the environment and these kids should be taught to care for the planet too.

The next generations of children, after all, are the ones who will suffer the consequences if nobody will start to do something today. Little ways of introducing the bad effects of pollution can help make these kids aware of their surroundings.

The awareness campaigns should continue from the home to the community. Many adults are still not aware and many still do not care. People abuse nature here and there. Factories that make a lot of consumer products disregard the pollution they cause just to profit. Money has continuously become the driving factor and it has become the priority of almost everyone.

Governments have projects that would need a lot of cooperation from every citizen. There are socio-civic groups in every community that also do what they can to help save the planet. If every individual will do his share even in his own little ways and each one will tag along somebody, soon a much larger group will have grown to purposely save this only planet that we have.

Source by Shane Dolby

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