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Nutrition – What Has Changed on Your Plate in the Last 100 Years?


People around you are getting fatter than you think. You are not alone. Did you ever ask yourself why this is happening? Are you part of this relatively new trend or do you think something is going on? What has changed in the last generation to let this phenomena take over our lives? I dared to wonder what was happening to me and why. Is nutrition so important that we need to stop and say: wait a minute, something is wrong?

Nutrition-what has changed in your plate in the last 100 years is so important that you need to stop and listen.

  1. Why are we the only species on earth that cooks their food?
  2. What do we eat now compared to 100 years ago?
  3. Why are we getting fatter?

Eating food is the only way to stay alive. No species can survive without food.

  1. Why are we the only species that cooks food is not because we are the only ones that use heat. Many animals use heat to help their food be more digestible. Squirrel’s only eat their raw nut when it has sprouted after being buried. Animals instinctively know when food is ready to be eaten. They do not use fire as we do, ever wondered why we do?
  2. We eat more processed foods now then we ever did 100 years ago and we are getting fatter and more obese by the minute. Something tells me I need to learn why? Eating raw foods has become an exception instead of a rule.
  3. Why are we getting fatter is mostly due to our ever changing lifestyle. Their is nothing wrong with the way we live as long as we take the time to feed ourselves better and take better care of our children.

Obesity comes from a lack of knowledge and poor example setting from our peers. We need to look at what other species do to lead a healthier and longer life than we do.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables is the best source of naturally grown foods that we have. I am really glad I decided to stop and listen and understand why I was getting fatter. You my friend need to do the same today.

Food for thought.

Source by Pierre William Trudel

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