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Bloated After Meals? Why You Get Bloating and Gas After Eating Food


Do you frequently experience bloating and gas after meals? If so then you may very well be battling a condition that up to 90% of the population is estimated to have. The only difference is that your body has become unable to properly deal with this condition and now its gotten out of hand. Find out why you often feel bloated after meals and why you might feel gas and bloating after eating food for no obvious reason.

Why you are constantly experiencing bloating

The condition I mentioned above is known as candida which is a yeast that the majority of the population have it in their bodies. The only difference is that some people have it affect their digestive abilities through 3 main factors that I’ll list below:

Candida negatively affects the following;

Digestive Enzymes: These enzymes are what ensure you properly break down and assimilate the nutrients from your food. If you are suffering from candida then a great deal of these digestive enzymes will be inhibited. Very commonly the production of lactase which helps to break down lactose in dairy products is one of the first enzyme productions destroyed by candida. The only solution is to eliminate the cause of your candida overgrowth.

Probiotics: These are beneficial bacteria that control a great deal of digestion that occurs in the intestines. When you have a low amount of these bacteria in your intestine you will experience anything from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, inflammation and pain in your digestive tract and much more. Candida suppresses the growth of these bacteria and until you eliminate the cause of your candida overgrowth these bacteria will not be able to re-develop.

Acid Production: Candida actually inhibits acid production in many cases. Low stomach acid is actually the cause of GERD or acid reflux in over 80% of cases. If you have trouble digesting food in your stomach then it is extremely likely that candida plays a role in this.

The best thing for you to do is to take an online candida test and determine for yourself if you seem to have a candida overgrowth. What the general public doesn’t understand is that this condition is much more common than most people realize and in fact is now being studied as a #1 link to cancer development in the body.

Source by Jessica D Dale

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