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Natural Remedies for the Andropause


Andropause is also known as Male Menopause, which can sometimes be confused with the Male Midlife Crisis. The good news is that men who are suffering from Andropause have a wide variety of treatments and therapies available to help them through their difficult time. This article is going to take a look at what this is and what some of the natural treatments and remedies are for this condition.

The andropause is often called male menopause. What happens is that men, as they age, start to feel like they might have lost the aspects to their lives that made their lives enjoyable. Men who are suffering from it are often irritable, lethargic, nervous and suddenly don’t care about sex anymore. Some might notice a distinct weight gain. While all of these symptoms and moods used to just be attributed to being middle aged; now scientists have discovered that there is actually an underlying medical condition making these symptoms occur. Scientists bicker over whether the condition is actually a “menopause” since “menopause” literally means the stop to the menstrual cycle (which men do not have). They do agree, however, that men do undergo a hormonal change as middle age starts to set in. They have coined the term “andropause” for this hormonal change so as to end the bickering over the word “menopause.”

There are a number of natural and homeopathic ways to deal with the andropause. Men who are suffering from the andropause find that they are increasingly anxious, nervous and that they are putting on weight. They might also find themselves with slower libidos; metabolism and they might be less alert.

One of the ways to deal with many of these symptoms is to seek therapy. Psychotherapy can help with the anxiousness, nervousness and possibly even the slower libido (if it is caused by the nervousness of the man). The drawback to therapy is that while it helps to treat the mental aspects of the andropause, it does nothing to help with the hormone shifts or the physical symptoms (slowed metabolism, weight gain).

A simple change in diet and exercise can also help with it. Eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise are fantastic ways to increase the metabolism and curb weight gain. It also increases the production of endorphins which are natural mood lifters.

One of the best remedies for it, while not homeopathic, is Provacyl. Provacyl is a supplement that is made mainly from herbs that are used to stimulate the male body and help it to function better physically. Provacyl contains large amounts of ginseng and ginko biloba which have been popular for centuries in Asia (and for a number of years in the Western world).

Whatever method that is chosen to treat the andropause, it is always important to give family members the emotional support they need. Women aren’t the only humans who go through “the change” Scientists have found out. Men go through some pretty drastic changes themselves.

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