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Natural Habitats For Wildlife – 3 Ways You Can Help Preserve Habitats


Gone are the days where I could see everywhere the birds singing and flying closely to our homes. One time, I saw a deer running in our yard coming from the jungle playing with some others.

All these animals survived because their habitat was still intact and left untouched. I always loved to go hiking in the forest with my friends during summer, and we could encounter different kinds of creatures inside the jungle.

It’s so amazing to stay in the forest all day long, listening to the beautiful sound of the falls, the birds’ songs, the crickets and cicadas sounds in unison approaching the twilight zone.

How I miss those bygone days to smell the fresh early morning air coming from the mountain.

It’s sad to see that our environment is gradually deteriorating at a fast pace if no drastic measures is implemented by the authorities. What would happen to our next generations? They’ll be deprived to see those creatures that occupies the forest and nothing left but only the pictures in magazines and reading materials.

How can we preserve the natural habitat for wildlife?

This is a big challenge to everyone. We need to move as one and join forces to revive our natural resources.

3 Ways to preserve our natural habitat

1. Efficient use of land. Each community should coordinate in planning the proper use of land for development. They should identify some native habitat to spare them for use in land development, but instead direct land developers to look for areas that are not a habitat for wildlife. The community’s support is essential to sustain the effective maximum utilization of natural habitat.

2. Strategic planning for habitat fragmentation. Every country should make a detailed plan to make sure fragmented habitats could be interconnected to each other to give way for wildlife animals to roam freely to access for food, shelter, and to look for future mates to multiply. These natural habitats should be well-guarded and secured from intruders.

3. Don’t disturb wildlife habitat. When viewing wild animals, strictly follow the rules not get close to them to avoid being disturbed in their natural sleeping mode. Use a binoculars to get a good view of the animals without disturbing them. Some animals will abandon nesting, breeding areas and even their resting place when disturbed.

Your little contribution to preserve our natural habitat for wildlife would greatly contribute to the proper management of our wildlife animals.

Source by Crisologo Ramasasa

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