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Market Behavior in exotic research endeavors

Focused observation and a clip-board may not be the best elicitation of ground-proofing or integration tools for academic or diplomatic inquiry.  An impartial guide or associate of indigenous origin who joins your excursion may best record and translate the meaning of situations, interactions and cultural nuances.  A conglomeration of interpretations from different sectors, whether associated with a research topic or not, is necessary to form a synthesis of ground truth.

The the photo below, simply quibbling of fish prices resulted in cross-cultural common ground, laughter and the MAU 03NOV11 (149) - Copyrespect of the vendor and others at the market. A reasonably happy ending by paying a small overage to the inflated price brought positive regard by all and more so, respect by the general community.

Friends and merchants alike, enjoyed the market interaction with the stranger making a negotiation while leaving the vendor a notch above what she may have earned that day.


MAU 03NOV11 (124)                           
 ~600 Artisanal vessels compete with major fishing fleets in this Western Sahara coastal community

MAU 03NOV11 (110)MAU, Nouak, INRSP Biomed Labs 03NOV11 (137)



Foreign fishing inspection and laboratory analyses is serious business for miniseries, public private partnerships and international commerce.  Many competing entities seek to establish sound resource access for years to come.  Meanwhile, local populations seek to enliven their yields and marketability.   National development goals were frequently prioritizing international markets while promoting the inclusion of artisanal and community prosperity as a subsequent benefit of a sophisticated fishing control sysem

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