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Recipe For Healthy Organic Natural Homemade Salad Dressing



1 lemon or store bought lemon juice

Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil

2 hot peppers

1 tsp ginger or fresh ginger

1 glass jar. I prefer a glass jar as this is more organic and I believe safer than plastic

This is the instructions for making this recipe

1 To begin with cut the hot pepper into small pieces and pour into the jar, include the seeds as it is the seeds that give the hot flavour.If the peppers are really hot remember to use gloves.Otherwise it might burn your hands.Wash your hands in cold water afterward or it will burn your eyes if you rub them

2 Next hand squeeze the lemons through a strainer into a mixing bowl.Of course if you don’t have a mixing bowl or measuring cup just squeeze into a plastic container like a used and clean yogurt container Pour the lemon juice into a glass jar,You can use store bought lemon juice but I don’t believe it tastes as good

3 After that pour in a cap full of apple cider vinegar

4 Then pour three caps full of olive oil

5 Pour in the powdered ginger or use fresh ginger.Again I prefer fresh ginger

Shake the jar and leave for two days. The longer you leave it the zestier it will get.

Store in a refrigerator

This salad dressing can be used not only for salad but I use it for dipping sauce for meat as well.It makes excellent barbecue sauce

My friends always comment on how delicious and tangy this is.

Source by Joseph Anthony Green

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