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Male And Female Sexual Health – Sexual Disorders


Sex is a good and normal thing. However, there are many people who deviate from the ‘normal’ ways of having sex. These people have what is commonly known as sexual disorders. Because of these, persons with such problems are unable to have normal and healthy relationships. One sexual disorder is called masochism. A masochist is a person who derives sexual gratification by inflicting his sex partner with pain. The opposite of this is sadism.

A sadist is a person who gets sexually gratified when he feels pain. Most of the time, these two don’t get along since a masochist doesn’t like seeing his partner enjoy the pain inflicted. Premature ejaculation is when a man always ejaculates even before insertion of the penis into the vagina. Transvestism is when a person dresses as a member of the opposite sex would.

Fetishism is when a person gets sexually gratified over inanimate objects. Male erectile dysfunction is when a man does not, or has difficulty to, have an erection. Pedophilia refers to preferring to have sex with young children to have an orgasm.

Necrophilia is having an abnormal sexual attraction with corpses. Voyeurism is deriving sexual gratification from watching members of the opposite sex especially when they are in the nude. These are just few of the many identified sexual disorders. These come about because of emotional, psychological or physical factors. If you think you, or someone you know, has it, then advise that person to talk it over and get psychological help.

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