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Island Colors – Tropical Paint Colors and Be Used To Make Your Home Feel Relaxed and Calm


Getting the feeling of the islands can be easier than you think. We will explore the colors needed to create this feeling in you your home. Nothing better than a beach resort in Bermuda, the colors are so calm and make you feel relaxed. If you live in a place far from the water do not be afraid we can bring you and your home to the islands.

The beach colors are typically pastels. Some of the islands like the Bahamas’ the colors are much more intense, the same kinds of colorful use of paint but much more intense. We are taking about the soft pastels used in places like Bermuda.

With the use of the soft pastel colors like greens, yellows, pinks, peach, white and blue a rusty red thrown in and you will create this wonderful island feeling. When I talk about these colors I mean very soft colors, most of the homes use these colors in very light hues. The interiors and exteriors are painted in pastel colors with all the moldings white. Rarely do you see bright colors even in accents; you still see the use of pastels.

The thing that keeps them from being boring is the use of crisp white paint. It is applied around the door and ceiling moldings. The use of white makes the other colors pop because of the contrast. The feeling is fresh and calming or laid back. Isn’t that what we want someplace in our homes, to feel so totally peaceful?

When you paint your walls look for different hues. You want colors with white or yellow added to the basic color. The addition of these colors brings out the softer feelings and creates a warm hue for your room.

Don’t be afraid to put the same colors on the exterior of your home. They present a beautiful addition to any neighborhood. The soft colors lighten the feeling of your home, again paint all the moldings a crisp white, and only white. Were homeowners go wrong in my option is that they think they need to add multiple colors especially on their moldings. Please don’t that only serves to make the house look smaller and makes the eye bounce all over trying to take it all in. If you truly want to keep that peaceful island feeling keep the colors simple.

What you see in the islands are the houses blending in with the trees and flowers, because they are all painted with the colors of nature. That is the real secret and why it works so well, and you come away with that wonderful peaceful feeling.

Source by Glenda Millette

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