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How to Stop Ejaculating Too Early – Eating These 4 "Super" Foods Will Help You Last Longer in Bed!


A lot can be said about the performance of your sex organ being in a direct relationship with your overall condition of health. If you want to know how to stop ejaculating too early then maybe you need to look at your overall physical well being. Your physical conditioning and weight control play a huge factor in your ability to perform well in bed.

Medications Used Because Of Poor Eating & Obesity Can Affect Sexual Performance

There are certain prescribed medicines used to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol (caused by poor eating habits and obesity) that actually make it more difficult for a man to even get an erection, let alone last long enough! I have done some research and have found 4 foods that can actually help you to last longer…

4 Super Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

Celery – This vegetable contains androstenone and androostenol. These are known to help you last longer plus boost virility.

Blueberries – This is the “best” food you could ever eat for not only lasting longer but for overall health in general! They are a natural remedy for getting rid of cholesterol by keeping it from sticking to your arteries. This gives you more blood flow which enhances the erection and your lasting power.

Steak – This meat increases the levels of dopamine in the blood, increasing your “feel good” element. This in turn makes you way more sensitive to sex. This then allows you to more in tune to where you are at during sex and gives you a better handle on your ejaculation. Steak also contains zinc, which lowers prolactin, which helps tweak the libido.

Liver – Filled with vitamin A, which helps with your sperm count. It also helps your lasting ability and your libido. It also contains a lot of zinc as well. 30% of the zinc in your body is lost when you ejaculate.

I hope you get the point about eating properly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an answer to how to stop ejaculating too early. You would be amazed at what walking for one-half-hour per day and eating proper foods will do for your sex life and your overall health.

Source by Calvin J Husker

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