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How to Maintain a Healthy Body


Here comes another year in our life. Maybe you want to sit down and spend a little time focusing on your body. Listen carefully, there is this little voice whispering and aiming for a healthy body. Are you going to deprive this whisper? Of course, you won’t. Give your attention to these five simple things.

Take lots of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with phytonutrients. There is no alternative to this fact. No amount of pill can replace the natural way. Green veggies and various kinds of fruits are key factors in becoming healthy. Our body needs 9 servings of healthy food per day. Getting less of this recommended supply will mean depriving our body of the nutrients we need. Go for organic produce as pesticides will lessen the phytonutrients produce by plants.

Go for natural foods.

It is wise to eat unprocessed foods. Taking non-processed food will assure you that vitamins and minerals are still intact in the food you are taking. These nutrients contribute a lot to our body system. Natural food does not carry saturated or vegetable fats unlike processed foods. Grains in original form will give our body the carbohydrates we need. Remember that refining processes wash away food nutrients. Saturated and vegetable fats are the causes of metabolism slow downs. Slow metabolism, I turn, will lead to inflammation of the body and weight gain.

Moderate your intake.

Eating three times a day is a good eating habit. You can take snacks in between but be sure to eat in moderation. You should give your eating time at least 3-5 hours intervals. Avoid starving yourself. This will lead you to crave for more food even if you are already full. If you have the habit of eating in small quantity but frequently, take the time to list down the food you eat. There is a big chance that you are overloading yourself with unwanted calories.

Do your exercise regularly.

You need to be active to burn your intakes. Walking is the best starting point of exercise. You have to gradually increase your work out. Do exercises that will suit your body chemistry. Look for exercise guidelines that are attainable and realistic. Ask your favorite fitness center for advice. You should also try also try Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi classes.

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