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How to Dry Up Sinus Drainage! – Sinus Infections and Other Sinus Problems – Nurse’s Secret!


How to dry up sinus drainage is one of the questions about sinusitis, sinus infections and other sinus problems that I’m most frequently asked. This problem is common and just about everyone is affected by them from time to time.

If you’re affected by sinus problems you may often find you’ve experienced drainage down the back of your throat. Many people think they need to dry up this drainage – that somehow this is not normal. However the truth is that this drainage goes on all the time. This is where the sinuses drain about a quart of fluid or mucous every day. This quart of mucous is necessary to keep your sinus cavities functioning at their optimum level.

Now what you may notice is a change in the fluid – in that you have a funny taste in your mouth or you are experiencing a slight sore or irritated throat. Often people think they are getting a sore throat, cold or strep throat when in actuality it is the beginning stages of a sinus infection.

Often people think they need to stop this drainage. Or they may be getting drainage out of their noses. This again is normal drainage unless you are getting yellow mucous, plugs or drainage which is a classic sign of a sinus infection. Your nose may feel congested also.

It’s commonly thought that you want to dry up your drainage – whether it’s from your nose or in your throat. But you don’t want to do this. You want to keep your sinuses moist. What happens is this – when the sinuses get blocked with dried up mucous and the drainage can’t move through properly then a sinus infection can start from fungi (mold) or other organisms. You don’t want to block these sinus cavities, of which there are four sets, located in four different areas of your head. You want to keep them moist. That is one reason why you don’t want to use antihistamines because they will dry up the sinuses and prevent them from healing.

You want to keep them moist. So think about how you can moisten your sinuses to help keep them open and working properly. There are many ways to do this and using medications or drugs will usually make it worse or dry them and cause other side effects that you don’t want.

Look at alternative treatments for sinusitis, acute and chronic sinus infections and other problems rather than drying them up and you will heal faster. Many people have overcome their chronic infections with natural treatment. You can do it too.

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