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Copycat Recipes – What Exactly Are Copycat Recipes


There has been a recent explosion in the popularity of a certain genre of recipe shall we say. That being copycat recipes. What are they are why are they and why have they become so popular in recent years, particularly on the Internet?

Well the definition can be sometimes a little broad but it is generally taken to mean any recipe that attempts to mimic the taste of a particular dish without knowing the absolute ingredients behind the original dish. Most often copycat recipes are approximations of famous restaurant dishes that people are trying to recreate at home. A good copycat recipe will be something that accurately recreates the taste appearance and texture of the original.

Most copycat recipes are effectively reverse engineered by enthusiastic chefs who are trying to capture that certain something from the original without actually knowing exactly what the original recipe ingredients were. So the question would be how do copycat recipes taste? Well depending on where you get them, they often be very accurate in their recreation of the original recipes, and this can mean some impressive results for those who want to cook them at home to impress their family and friends.

There are several good copycat recipes packages available online that contain hundreds of popular restaurant recipes that can be downloaded. The Internet has meant a great boom in the way information like recipes can be distributed, and with more and more people eating in at home these days, it would go some way to explaining why people want to recreate their favorite restaurant meals at home.

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