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Hot Positions Women Love – Sexually Pleasing Positions For Women


#1. The variant missionary position: the first female friendly position is missionary. The position allows your pelvic bones to rub against her clitoris for stimulation. As well, the alignment triggers G spot orgasm easily. You can try one or more of the following variations to make the regular position more enjoyable and pleasurable:

– V Formation: drape her legs in the air to form a “V” shape. During penetration, you can move her legs back and forth to elongate her sensation.

– L Formation: keep her legs close and drape them to rest against your shoulders.

– The Slow Climb: begin sex with regular missionary position. As she is getting excited, fold her legs and bend your body forward for deep penetration.

– Reverse Missionary: both partners resume in regular missionary position, but you remain still. Have her to moves her hips up and down along penile shaft.

Tip: Place a big pillow or cushion under her back. It helps to trigger orgasmic response on G spot.

#2. Rear Entry Position: women love this deep penetration position because it is highly arousing and titillating. As she does not have to face you, she gets to concentrate on arousal level, hence heightening her sensation. As well, it sets your hands free to fondle her breasts and clitoris. The cumulative effects can lead to endless permutation of climax. Here are a few new Rear Entry positions with orgasmic twist for you to try tonight:

– Tight Grip: you enter her from back as you normally would in regular Rear Entry position. Then, have her to keep her legs close.

– Her on top: You lie at the edge of bed with feet resting on floor. Have her to sit on your pelvic bone facing against you. Then, you thrust in up-and-down motion by moving your hips.

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