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Healing Domestic Abuse Trauma – Therapeutic Value of Writing For Healing Physical & Emotional Trauma


Automatic writing comes with lots of “ho ho”…or shall I say “woo woo.” But the fact is this exercise affords the most profound psycho-physiological healing on the planet.

You may be familiar with the well-known research by James Pennebaker, Ph.D., et. al. in the 80’s revealing the health and healing effects of writing about traumatic experiences. This research showed that those who journal regularly about traumatic experiences had fewer illnesses and physical symptoms, less depression and anxiety, greater cellular immune-system function…and the list goes on.

How Writing Helps Domestic Abuse Survivors

So what is it about writing and what is the healing mystery of automatic writing. I believe that writing automatically about traumatic experiences releases the embedded physical trauma from the tissue…from the cells…from the psyche.

And the mere lingering in the attentional state of focused effortless mindfulness, suffice it to say serves as a platform for magnificent release and significant healing. This fact we know from the centuries of antidotal data and more current scientific research on meditation.

Nonetheless, once implicit trauma releases in the form of the written word, the natural state of harmony appears in what remains. And from here, there is greater well-being, less pain, fewer symptoms.

1st Hand Testimonial on Benefits of Writing for Healing Abuse

In my own personal life, I took solace in the pen and wrote about the most traumatic experience of my life…my experience of and extradition from an abusive relationship. The creation of this book afforded me an experience more satisfying then ever imaginable. To this day people ask what is your secret to thriving admits adversity. Here it is.

If you have weathered trauma of an abusive relationship, make friends with your pen or keyboard. Go to it daily and effortlessly let the words write themselves. You will happily welcome the glow that follows this discipline and your body will thank you for letting the trauma go.

Source by Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

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