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Hand Held Nebulizer – A Must Have in Your Travel Kit


Hand held nebulizer is an inhaler that converts liquid medicine into mist for easy inhaling. Asthma patients find this nebulizer handy and hence they can be rightly called hand held nebulizer. Air pressure is used to send fine vapor of the medication that when inhaled gives immediate relief. Most asthma patients do not use metered dosage of inhalation especially people with critical asthma condition, for them, ultrasonic nebulizer is the best. The medicine that is inhaled through a hand held nebulizer loosens the mucous and phlegm in the lungs thereby making it easier to breathe. When compared to oral medicine inhaling the fine vapors right into the lungs is far more effective and the results are also satisfactory.

Nebulizers are normally used on children as it is convenient and noiseless. The major reason why a nebulizer is used on young kids is because they are easy to operate when compared to albuterol inhaler. As the name indicates a hand held nebulizer is a portable machine that can help people suffering from respiratory disorders to breathe easy. Hereafter people experiencing difficulty in breathing can always turn to a nebulizer as they come handy under any circumstance. Just keep it charged and you are all set to go. There is no need to fear long trips and visits to cold places if you have this marvel machine in your hand.

Nebulizers can be classified into two major types, the first one is called the jet nebulizer and the second is the ultrasonic nebulizer. Under the jet category there are three types, they are constant output, breath-enhanced jet nebulizer and the dosimetric jet nebulizer. The first category throws aerosol which the patients inhale. The second category increases the outflow of the medicated mist. Finally the third category exhausts only mist when an inhalation takes place. On the other hand ultrasonic nebulizers take the help of vibrations to convert medication into mist for the patient to inhale. Ultrasonic nebulizer requires water to conduct a vibrations but this is not a uniform case.

Nebulizers are available in varied sizes. They are usually 113 gm to 1.8 kg in weight. Hand held nebulizer runs on AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are used in hand held nebulizer so that there is no need to run after batteries once they are exhausted. The hand held nebulizers have a number of benefits other than being portable. It changes the confidence level in an individual thereby helping them to lead an active lifestyle.

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