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Exploring the Jack Lalanne Diet For Health and Fitness


Jack Lalanne is considered to be the fitness guru of old and modern times. At 93, he’s going strong like an 18 year old kid. He’s so physically and mentally fit that people cannot remain being envy of his lifestyle. There have been many emulations of his style, fitness regime, technique but very few have met with success.

Jack Lalanne is very concerned about his fitness. He works out for two hours every morning. He includes high doses of vitamins in his diet which is also rich in many minerals and enzymes. He begins his day with 50 gms of soya protein. He has given up on chicken, red meat or white sugar and he feels that sugar is the least thing any person should try to intake while following his diet. Most of the protein in his diet comes from white eggs, and occasionally fish. Fish is said to be the best source of protein minus the carbohydrates as well as essential fatty acids.

Jack gave up sugar and junk food at a very early age after being addicted to them. He turned his focus onto diet and health clubs after the age of 15. Jack does not believe in all-low-carb diet, but he has specifically mentioned to include natural grains such as brown rice or whole wheat in your diet. Eating fresh vegetables is must as they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium etc. Jack Lalanne’s diet includes eating a minimum of ten raw and fresh vegetables daily.

Deserts which are rich in sugar and calories should be avoided at any cost and Jack has not eaten desert for almost seventy five years now. Lalanne recommends altering your dietary habit to include fresh health foods in place of junk foods. Beverages like colas should give way to more healthy fruit juices. The intake of processed food should be gradually decreased and more fish and raw vegetables should be included. Foods rich in oil should be avoided as they are only full of calories and carbohydrates and is a common cause of increasing obesity. Jack’s diet does not include dairy products like milk, cheese, butter as they can lead to a build up of fatty tissues and eventually high blood pressure. Drinking water is a must and he recommends having at least six to seven glasses of water everyday.

Jack Lalanne is a virtual super human making and has broken many world records. If taken seriously, following all or part of his regime can do wonders for your life.

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