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Ecosystem Degradation – Moral Responsibility Towards the Planet!


The world’s eco system has witnessed massive changes in the last 50 years. This has had adverse effects on the living creatures, atmosphere and the environment on the whole.

Ecosystem degradation

Human actions have solely contributed to this eco system degradation. Since, planet, animals and environment are all inter dependent, changes that take place in the eco system will have a negative effect on the living creatures and this planet. Therefore, we need to curb these human actions in order to see a brighter and safer planet tomorrow. We need to breathe in fresh air which is not possible with the excessive burning up of fossil fuels. This is choking different species and there are extreme climatic changes.

Human actions have contributed a great deal to the changing patterns in the environment!

Other activities which are causing damage to the ecosystem is fishing, usage of fresh water and deforestation. Deforestation has increased the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and has also contributed to the extinction of several species. The environmental cycle has seen a complete change due to human activities. There has been severe damage to the ozone layer. How are we going to be protected from the harmful ultra violet rays?

Don’t we need to protect this ozone layer? Each one of us, should take up this responsibility of reducing the carbon di oxide emissions by planting more trees so that the green belt safe guards all living creatures. It is in our own hands to save this planet from being extinct.

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