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Diet Plan For Six Pack Abs That Works!


As everybody knows, losing belly fat and reducing your body fat percentage is extremely important for anybody that wishes to get six pack abs. For that reason, a diet plan for six pack abs is extremely important. This is a diet plan for six pack abs that I strongly recommend as it is relatively easy and can be incorporated in your daily life.

What is required:

  • Whey protein
  • Rolled oats
  • Raw Vegetable
  • Fresh fruit

For Breakfast you’re going to eat rolled oats made using water and whey protein powder. Make the oats in the usual way, just use water instead of milk. Pour one scoop of protein powder into the mixture as this will increase the level of protein, which combined with the oats will keep you full throughout the day.

For lunch you’re going to eat fresh fruit, it’s OK to have a cup of coffee for lunch if you’re feeling tired. However, make sure you don’t add sugar as this is just empty calories. You can also have a whey protein shake made with only whey protein powder and water.

For dinner you’re going to each raw vegetables. This is because raw vegetables are high in fibe, low in sugar and fat (which is brilliant). You may also have another protein shake (don’t worry, you won’t suffer from protein over-load, you can have about 1g of protein for ever lbs you weigh)

In this diet plan for six pack abs, our aim to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in out diet, but at the same time, we need to increase the amount of fibre and protein. Fibre is important as it helps with digestive help and provides us with lots of slow burning energy throughout the entire day. The protein helps keep us full and greatly helps with muscle growth and repair.

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