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Dangers of Low Testosterone in Women

  • Increasingly, medical scientists are finding more and more women with low testosterone. Men make a lot more testosterone then women but women must make it daily to have a normal androgen response.
  • Testosterone sets the sex drive for both women and men
  • Low testosterone in women diminished their physical Sex Drive down to virtually none.
  • According to the Foundation for Reproductive Medicine. Women with very low testosterone have a great deal of difficulty conceiving a baby.
  • Women with low Testosterone have a greatly increased risk of severe depression.
  • Decrease in testosterone in women of all ages above puberty have a very high risk for DFOR Diminished Functional Ovarian Reserves.
  • Sadly women with chronically low testosterone are at high risk for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Due to the fact that women with low testosterone an anti-aging hormone in and of itself we see women with low testosterone have very dry skin and even patchy skin usually on the face, similar to psoriasis.
  • Because low T in women mostly occurs in mid-aged women, there is also a low estrogen happening at that pre-menopausal time and the combination of the two low hormones lead to a high rate of heart disease, bone fractures and sadly vaginal atrophy.
  • Here at AAI we love to help our female patients with the corrective and optimal hormone program which normalizes good health in women. So common Ladies do not let an inexpensive low testosterone level cause you all of that havoc…We are here for you virtually all day and a good part of the night. Please treat yourself right this New Year and allow our doctors and scientists to make you a healthier and more youthful looking you.

Dr. Lawrence Sosna

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