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Protein For Bodybuilding and Fitness


Protein is the building blocks for muscles. For anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass and improve overall fitness, protein intake is a must. Different people have different needs. The amount of protein you should consume depends on your current weight, your workout intensity, and your lifestyle.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are going to need to spend more time workout out. But don’t worry. Spending more time working out may just be 15 mins extra. That’s because for your workout to be effective, you have to exercise intensely. That’s why many people avoid trying to lose weight by working out. They associate exercise with pain.

That’s only natural. After an intense workout, you start to feel muscle soreness the very next day. Sometimes, if you workout hard enough, you find that you can’t even perform daily chores! However, that’s a good sign. It’s a sign that your muscles are responding and they are growing.

Your muscles don’t grow while you are working out. They grow only after the workout – while you are resting. During this period, it is essential that you eat well and feed your muscles with proteins. Experienced athletes and bodybuilders know the importance of having a high protein diet.

Protein is the building blocks for muscles. It contains both essential and non-essential amino acids that the body can use to grow and repair muscles. Remember that sore feeling? It’s your body telling that the muscles need some repairing!

Muscles have the ability to evolve. After a workout, the muscles will not just repair the sore parts. It will grow beyond its previous state to prepare for similar stress levels. This is an ongoing cycle. If you want to maintain your fitness, you have to keep working out!

That’s because the muscles depend on stress signals to evolve. When you keep sending stress signals, the muscles become stronger. But if you stop working out, the muscles “think” there is no need to evolve and it starts to shrink.

One way to see whether your muscles are shrinking or not is to observe your major muscle groups – like the thigh. If your thigh is getting smaller when you look into a mirror, you are probably losing muscle.

Losing muscles mean your metabolism is dropping as well. That affects your body’s ability to burn fat. When your metabolism rate drops, you tend to store up fat more easily. In other words, you are setting up an uphill battle for yourself if you ever want to lose weight. It’s going to need a tremendous amount of effort to gain muscle and burn away all that excess fat.

After you workout, you must remember to eat well. In fact, you are forced to eat. But what you eat matters as well. Bodybuilders always eat high protein meals. If you find that you can’t stick to a strict high protein diet like the pros do, just remember to take your protein supplements. Many people take protein shakes as a supplement because they are easy to prepare and they taste like ordinary smoothies.

Source by Darren W Chow

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