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Creating Harmony – The Key to Effective Team Building


When we talk about harmony, we generally refer to the sounds of music or a melody. Different harmonious chords connected together to make something that is very pleasing. Each note has its own specific characteristics and is completely acceptable on its own. However, when constructed together into a musical melody, each note finds its true significance in relation to what it contributes.

The same holds true for us. We all have a special set of talents, skills, and capabilities that hold us in good stead. When we contribute those skills to others, we can discover a personal value and a sense of satisfaction that is deep and rich and resonates with harmony.

In contrast, however, when we focus on our own pursuits and well being with little or no concern for others, the outcome is often disharmonious. Just as a chord played without regard for the whole jars the senses, a person who does not contribute to the whole creates tension and discord.

In the language of business this harmony can be equated to synergy. The notion that the effort of a successful team surpasses the greatest effort of any single individual on that team. To be most effective, people in a team work in harmony. They all share their personal best to move the team forward towards its chosen objective. If a team member gets off track or begins putting his or her own interests before those of the team, then the project is undermined.

Harmony is of the essence to teamwork and teamwork is essential to success – work success or personal success. When we all work together and have the freedom to express ourselves, we create harmony and create extraordinary results.

People who live full and satisfied lives embrace the joy of others and are as concerned for the welfare of society as they are the well being of their selves.

That which will benefit the whole – a sales or management team, a family, a nation, a world – will benefit each of us. We have all been given unique qualities and talents. It is our obligation to acknowledge them and share them so we can contribute to the whole of society.

When you live mindful of harmony, you develop rouse your potential and expand your consciousness. Synergy is what brings fundamental human qualities like respect, acceptance, understanding and compassion to the surface. Harmony reminds you of how very special and important every person is.

Consider the following life coaching tips to create more harmony into your life right now, and awaken to a deeper understanding for the symbiosis of life.

– Take stock of your personal talents. List every personal talent, skill, quality, competency, and ability you can think of.

– Take a moment and recognize how talented you really are.

– After each talent, list a few ways you can start using it to make a contribution every day.

– Make a quality list of each person in your personal circle of influence – people you interact with on a regular basis.

– Marvel at how talented all of these people are.

– After each of their talents, list how their talents can help you to be and achieve more of what you want.

– Refer to this list often and continue to be mindful of everyone’s unique abilities even when they seem opposed to your own.

When you think about living a full life, rich in blessings and personal satisfaction, harmony is a essential part of this equation. We are social beings and a significant portion of our success comes from our relationships with others and our contributions to our family, community and society. To fully appreciate our personal achievements we depend upon harmony with others, because teamwork makes the dream work.

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