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Healthy Ayurvedic Food Combination

Ayurvedic food combination tips let you know the food items that are compatible or incompatible in combinations. You can’t take food items of conflicting nature. The food items you take at a meal should be easily digested in a go. Drinking ice-cooled water during and immediately after taking a meal can hamper the digestive process. Digestive enzymes become inactive. This ...

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Top 10 Things You Need For a Relaxing Bath

It’s been another long day and you need a break. On days like this — inevitable in a busy life — taking time out for a relaxing bath can work wonders. Too often we settle for standing in a moldy, cramped shower for five or ten minutes a day in a quick, joyless attempt to get clean before rushing off ...

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Healthy Recipes!

It is pretty simply to cook healthy recipes, without dedicating too much of time and energy. All you need is a little practice. And after a few trials you can mix and match ingredients, create unique flavours to tantalize your taste buds. In today’s fast paced environment very body keeps searching for quick fixes. Be it packaged meals, canned stuff ...

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The Perfect Family Bathroom Design

As any family will know, the bathroom can be one of the busiest rooms in the house, especially in the mornings as the adults get ready for work and the kids get ready for school. That’s why an efficient but attractive bathroom design is essential for a household. So how can you combine efficiency with attractiveness? Here are a few ...

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

For centuries, humans have known the importance of a healthy mouth and healthy gums. However, in light of recent findings showing a link between periodontal disease and your overall health, it is more important than ever to take good care of your mouth. Research shows that periodontal disease is associated with many for serious medical conditions such as heart disease, ...

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Is Lard a Healthy Fat?

Lard has been labeled a bad fat for almost 100 years. But what many people don’t realize is that lard has been a part of traditional diets for thousands of years. As we learn more about the health benefits of saturated fats, we can see that our ancestors knew all along what was healthy. When did it become bad for ...

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Good Nutrition Required For Growing Healthy Hair

Balance is the key A balanced diet will encourage a healthy head of beautiful hair and aid faster hair growth. Fad dieting can deprive your hair of the nutrition it needs to shine. Don’t totally eliminate carbohydrates and fat from your diet, no matter how calorie conscious you are. Complex carbohydrates are best, e.g. whole grain bread and cereals and ...

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What to Eat For Healthy, Beautiful Skin

The old adage goes: you are what you eat. In the case of healthy and beautiful skin, this is absolutely true. Eating the right food plays a big part in giving you skin that glows with health and attractiveness, and on the opposite end, the wrong food will ruin what could be your most valuable asset. This article shows you ...

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