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Making Your Own Homemade Bath Gifts Is Fun And Easy

If you have never tried homemade bath products then you are in for a real treat. You can make your own bath and beauty products right in your kitchen using easy to find supplies like herbs, salts, oils and butters. Homemade bath products make great gifts for friends and loved ones! There are a number of wonderful homemade bath products ...

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Start a Healthy Beauty Regimen With Organic Beauty Products

Are you always conscious about the stuff that you put on your face? Does the thought of putting on chemicals on your skin freak you out? Then fear no more, because you can now use organic beauty products to replace the traditional beauty products that you have grown used to. Made from all-natural and absolutely chemical-free ingredients, organic beauty products ...

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Natural and Relaxing Bath Recipes

Even if you’re a shower person on a day to day basis, sometimes nothing but a bath will do. You can’t beat the relaxing feel of a nice hot bath. Take some time for yourself, shut out the daily rigors of life, light some candles and soak in your tub. For an even better relaxation experience, add one of the ...

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All Natural Healthy Beauty Products

A lot of skin care products out there claim to be “all natural,” but what does that really mean? The truth is that many of these products are anything but natural…here’s how you can find out if your favourite product is a hoax. Natural products must contain natural ingredients…this makes sense, right? Well, the problem is that a lot of ...

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Hot Wax Therapy and Beauty Bath

Do you have aches and pains in the joints of your hands? Do you have rough, dry or cracked hands or feet? If you have either condition, a “Hot Wax Bath” may be the ideal answer for you. It is relaxing, soothing and conditioning. What is a “Hot Wax Bath”? It is simply a heated container of specially formulated wax. ...

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Natural Healthy Beauty is Empowerment

In working on this book and expanding my repertoire of health and beauty tools, I too have been transformed mentally and physically. Thanks to two babies and a hectic high-pressure professional life, I fell into the health-professional’s quagmire of caring for everyone else first. I never considered myself to be a beauty, so I have not paid that much attention ...

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Collagen and Healthy Beauty

Since the dawn of time, humans have been looking for a way to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Thanks to recent technology, Natural Collagen products have been discovered. The amazing thing about this technology is that it has actually been around for many decades. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of investigating in order to discover an obvious answer. ...

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Beauty Bath Hair Care Products – Part 1

Personal care products became an interest to me because of our brick and mortar hair salon business. All hair and beauty salons carry a selection of hair, skin and scalp products in what we call retail centers. They can be small or large depending upon the size of a salon. When you study the industry of personal care you realize ...

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Home Businesses Selling Natural Beauty Products

More moms than ever are looking to figure out some way to work from home. With today’s unstable economy many are out of work, or making less. Most women are familiar with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Avon. They are not only two of the largest home based business opportunities in the world; they have been around for a long time ...

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