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Bath Salt Recipes to Rival Retailer’s Versions


Bath salt recipes are very basic and simple to create. Although there are certain variations, the basic ingredients in bath salts are pretty much the same. Retailers commonly mark up this product by 600%, but you can make it for much less at home. The nice thing about making them at home is that you can make them exactly to your own tastes.

Bath salt recipes that feature dendritic salt are superior to those that do not. Dendritic salt is a special salt that has been modified to have a larger crystal structure than regular salt does. This allows your salts to better retain the scent of the fragrance or essential oils used in fragrancing your bath product. As well, if you have colored your product, it helps keep the color of them longer. It can be difficult to find dendritic salt in local stores, but there are some reputable retailer that you can order it from online.

Bath salt recipes that feature baking soda are linked to a rumor that this ingredient can make them explode. Technically, it may be possible if the salts get damp and the baking soda releases enough carbon dioxide. It is felt that if citric acid is also in the recipe, the possibility of exploding is more likely. If you are concerned about this happening, simply don’t store your salt in a glass container. Keep in mind that this is an extremely rare occurrence. You don’t have to fear that you are creating a bomb!

Bath salt recipes can be totally customized by changing the essential oils and colorants that you use. You can quite easily make multi-colored and multi-scented version that are quite gorgeous. You just need to divide up your batch into ziplock bags, then add the individual colorants and essential oils to the separate bags. Then just knead them together until the colorant and essential oils are distributed thoroughly. Add the salts in layers to your container and you’ll have a product fit for the finest bath boutique.

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