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How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally – 3 Super Foods You Can Take Advantage Of!


1. Coconut Oil – this might take you by surprise but this super food can do wonders in reversing your diabetes naturally. And for good reason.

One naturopathic physician noted that “anyone diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes can consume coconut oil without fear and won’t gain weight from its fat content despite what most nutritionists would say about it.”

Coconut oil not only helps in reversing the effects of diabetes naturally, but it helps regulate your blood sugar as well; thus, lessening the effects of the disease. Studies even reveal a group of people in the South Pacific that consumed large amounts of coconut oil (for generations) without ever encountering diabetes. The moment they substituted other foods though, along with other oils, that was when their health woes started to emerge.

2. Nuts – another food that can help reverse diabetes naturally is this one. Nuts in moderate servings (a medium handful) can go a long way already by providing a powerful punch of protein and healthy fats. Not to mention that fact that they are a perfect “carry-with-you” snack.

I know what you’re thinking next. And it’s a myth.

If you have been a long time believer that nuts are unhealthy and fatty, you might as well wipe that out from your memory and knowledge database. As long as you keep that serving to the medium handful or one ounce, you’ll do well.

3. Vinegar – specifically the white or red-wine type. This is the one with acetic acid as it’s primary ingredient. This kind of acid can actually lower your blood sugar. Compare this to most proteins, fats or fibers which are more neutralizing by not elevating your blood sugar levels.

Balsamic or rice vinegars and cider vinegars are touted as less acidic and in the process, are less a candidate for lowering blood glucose levels.

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