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Bodybuilding With Affordable Protein Shakes


It may be your dream to be the proud owner of a body with 6 pack abs. However, you heard that bodybuilding is an expensive sport. So you put your dreams on hold. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A big part of the cost that is associated with bodybuilding comes from nutrition. A bodybuilder typically takes about 2 servings of protein shakes a day. A protein shake is a drink that is specially created from protein powder (such as whey). And such products cost money.

One container of whey powder can cost you about $50. And each container has about 30 servings. If you take 2 servings each day, you would have consumed one whole container in 15 days (or about 2 weeks). That means that in a single month, you would have spent about $100 just on the powder alone.

The goods news is, due to improvements in research and technology, the cost for protein products have come down during the recent years. You can now find good quality protein powder in the market that cost as little as $25 a container (with 30 servings).

As a beginner, that’s a good entry price. You can buy just 1 container, try it out for 2 weeks to see if you get any results. If not, you can always try other plans or go back to work on your exercise and eating plans. At most, you are out of $25 – that’s very affordable.

But usually, if you follow a good exercise program and a good eating plan, you will see desirable results. Very soon, 6 pack abs will start appearing in your abdominal area. And you are just glad that you started eating better and living healthier.

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