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Balance Your Body Through Rolfing


Rolfing is a rather new technique that came to be in the 1950s. It is founded by Dr. Ida Rolf and it is a way to manipulate the soft tissue in your body (connective tissue) so that your body is in perfect balance. This is a great way to gain a few inches, get rid of any asymmetries, and stand up straighter. It is important to remember that Rolfing is not for everyone – pregnant women and people with any type of vascular or bone disorders should consult their physician before setting up a Rolfing appointment.

What can you expect from a Rolfing session? Let’s say that one of your hips is higher than the other one, after a period of time Rolfing can align your hips properly and as a result you will not feel any back pain or hip pain for that matter. A Rolfing session should not be very painful but if you do feel a sharp pain, be sure to let the practitioner know. Don’t be scared because after a few sessions you will actually begin to enjoy these procedures.

You can sign up for 10 procedures – one a week. After the 10th procedure you will feel that your body is more elastic and it can withstand a great amount of stress and shock, and you will not feel pain. Be careful not to loose the elastic effect you have gained through the Rolfing proceduress. A good way to maintain your body’s elasticity high is to take up a practice such as yoga or Pilates.

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