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Acne Origins – Why Do We Get Acne?


There are a number of suspect causes identified with the prevalence and onset of acne, but there is no one single cause identified for its occurrence. Instead, a number of studies point to certain potential causes and some of these causes can be combined with other causes to explain the appearance of acne. Some hormonal changes within the body are cited as the reason behind acne, while other factors like diet, stress, genetic propensity, excessive oil, and sebum production, skin pressure, and environmental factors are all cited as sources for acne.

The first notable change when one enters puberty is most commonly the onset of acne. This can happen to adolescents of every age, and acne can appear in infants too. Hormonal changes are often blamed for acne which occurs during teenage years, but changes in dietary practices might also be a reason for teenage acne. Further, being a teenager is quite stressful and stress may play a factor in the sudden appearance of acne too. Dating, socialization, school work, and growing up are very stressful events, which can bring about bodily changes that might stir up a case of acne.

Women also have special hormonal changes that stir up and aggravate acne problems as well. During premenstrual times, a woman might be prone to development more acne problems. Pregnancy also incites numerous bodily changes that can provoke acne as well. Women endure many hormonal changes throughout their lives, and it is believed that such changes and fluctuations have much to do with acne flare ups and eruptions.

Men also have issues with acne and age is not really a factor. Acne can occur in a man of any age at any time. Hormonal changes, lifestyle changes, dietary changes, or exposure to certain environmental toxins may very well be behind the eruption or flare up of acne in a man.

Both men and women are at risk of developing a problem from acne if continuous pressure occurs on various areas of the skin’s surface. Pressure acne can occur in areas where the skin is in constant contact with clothing, material, helmets, hats, tight fitting materials, and backpacks as well. To eliminate this issue, men and women are encouraged to wear loose fitting attire and to avoid wearing tight fitting materials for long periods of time.

While changes in dietary practices are cited for some problems with acne, it is not necessarily true that things cooked with grease or sweets like chocolates cause acne eruptions. In some cases, it may be true, but it is not a hard and fast rule. If someone is allergic to chocolate, the individual may break out in a rash that appears to be an acne eruption when really it is something else entirely. Despite the fact that chocolates and greasy types of food are not necessarily to blame for acne, it is still recommended that one refrain from eating too many of the latter food products in large quantities. A healthy diet can indeed assist in improving one’s skin condition.

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