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10 Good Reasons Why Organic Foods Are Beneficial to Both Your Health and Environment


A lot of people don’t really know much about Organic Food and have no idea about the great health benefits that they can receive by simply including them into our diets. Not only that, a lot of people are unaware that the methods used during Organic production are beneficial to the environment.

So many studies have also shown that eating Organic Foods has great health benefits. The great thing about eating Organic foods though, is that not only they good for our health, but the methods used during Organic production are very beneficial to the environment. Here are some great reasons why eating Organic Foods is beneficial to ones health and the Environment.

1. Organic Foods help boost ones energy levels through the consumption of lower levels of toxins and synthetic chemicals that are harmful and that leave your body feeling sluggish and run down.

2. They help your body to be more resistant to disease because they have higher levels of the essential nutrients that the body needs to fight off infections and disease.

3. They are better for fighting a lot of the chronic health problems that seem to be on the increase in our society today.

4. Organic Fruits do not contain harmful pesticides, where as the average non organic fruit contains more than 30 different pesticides that are harmful to your health even after being washed thoroughly.

5. Organic Food Producers are held to a very high standard and are inspected often, so they have to live up to very strict standards and guidelines.

6. Organic Dairy or Farm Produce such as milk and eggs do not have the chemicals, drugs and growth hormones given to the animals, where as Non-Organic Dairy or Farm Produce do, and are passed on to human bodies when consumed.

7. Children can greatly benefit from eating Organic Foods because they won’t consume so many synthetic chemicals during their most formative years.

8. Organic Farming is environment friendly. It does not consist of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to the soil and our environment.

9. They are not Genetically Modified. A number of studies have revealed that genetically Modified foods can pose serious risks to both humans and animals.

10. Organic Foods are pure, all natural and safe to eat. They are not loaded with potentially harmful synthetic chemicals, additives, and pesticides which when consumed are digested and stored in human bodies and are harmful to your health.

Source by Sandi M Lewanika

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