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How You Can Recover From The Bad Effects Of Over Masturbation


Before entering in a certain relationship or before reaching adulthood stage, most of teenagers are passing by in this kind of experience which is masturbation. They believe that through this they might be gaining self development or improvements in sex. In some other views in life, masturbation is merely called “self love” or “solo-sex”. Then in the end it became obsession. A lot of frustrated men doing this just to provide themselves a complete happiness even though they do not have a partner to fill their emptiness. This can also happen to some couples who are working separately and they just meet rare in a year. The only way to make themselves happy without their wife beside them is to masturbate just to get complete satisfaction. But too much is not good.

Every one of you who comes into this kind of problem can lately find solutions. To stop over masturbation is to face another renewed world. Here are some considerations to follow in order to recover from the bad effects of over masturbation.

First, find the reasons why you are doing this and look for the possible cause after. If you are just focusing on stopping masturbation you will just go back to it after such recovery or success and you will be more addictive after. It is often became a habit because men find out that they are bored, hurt, depressed, lonely or maybe has a bad experience from past relationships that is why they do masturbation. Nowadays, pornography is more available which can easily help you trigger your desire. If you find things difficult to overcome then you need therapy so that you will easily discover your feelings that you do not see.

Second, you have choices not to get bored if this is the reason why you masturbate. Do something to make your time productive. You must practice a skill in dealing with your feelings. You should know where to place your self and how to control your mind. This can really help you to recover from the bad effects of over masturbation.

Third, the best thing to do is to exercise and burn your testosterone. When you exercise you will easily get tired and fall asleep. With this, you can avoid hand practice. Next, start visualizing for something new. Program your mind in defeating the temptation to masturbate. What you feel might affect your thoughts, so better look for some amusements to stop your sexual desire. Avoid viewing pornography, instead create a good environment. Help yourself to stop over masturbation since it is just all in your mind.

Source by Dr Easton Patrick

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