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Which Massage Should I Get? Swedish Massage Or Deep Tissue Massage


In general, Swedish massage is less intensive than Deep Tissue. The techniques is fundamentally the same however it is said that Swedish is good for feeling overall relaxed and pleasant, whereas a deep massage will leave your tight areas sore for a couple days later.

Swedish Massage

The focus of Swedish Massage is to reinforce and enhance overall body systems such as the endocrine and nervous systems. This promotes total body wellness as it pays attention to the entire body. After the Swedish Massage it is common to feel great all over.

Deep Tissue Massage

The focus of Deep Tissue Massage is to loosen muscles that cannot be treated by typical stretching and other common relaxing techniques. This style of massage tends to target problem areas that you specify to your therapist. By physically manipulating these areas it will help your body repair and realign the natural body balance.

You may feel sickish or very tired after a long deep tissue massage. The actual deep manipulation of these sore muscle release unwanted chemicals. It is also very intensive and a 1 hour session will tire even the seasoned massage patron. It is easy to counter this by trying to follow a balanced diet for vitamin and nutrient replenishment and drinking plenty of water to assist in body circulation for toxin removal. Most massage therapists in Australia provide a fresh glass of water for drinking but you may want to bring your own bottle. Either way, keeping up your fluids will aid in cycling out those unwanted toxins.

What You Need to Say to Your Massage Therapist

Whilst getting a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage be sure to let the therapist know when they are hurting you or when their manipulation is not quite hitting the spot. You are paying for their time so even if you critique their work, if they are professional they will adjust their technique accordingly.

A Massage is a Means for Healing

If you went to a doctor you would have to tell them what is wrong otherwise when you finish the session you will not get the full benefit.

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