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What Foods Lower Uric Acid?


If you are a gout patient and suffering from frequent gout attacks, I strongly suggest you to focus your time and efforts on what foods lower uric acid instead of what foods to avoid. This is because reducing or abstaining from gout causing foods can only stop the increase of uric acid level but cannot help to get rid of the existing uric acid that has already turned into urate crystals in your painful joints.

Go For Alkaline Foods

Since the list of what foods lower uric acid is very long and it is impossible for me to list them all out here, the most effective way is to search for “alkaline foods” in online search engine and you will presented with comprehensive lists of alkaline food suggestions. The reason I suggest you to search for “alkaline foods” instead of “what foods lower uric acid” is because if you search with the former phrase, the result is more direct and accurate, but if you search with the latter phrase, you will end up with lists of high purine foods to avoid.

Basic Science…

Generally, alkaline foods are mostly green fresh vegetables or fruits, the reason they are classified as alkaline foods is because they are rich in alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. that can effectively ‘pull’ the hidden uric acid out from the synovial fluid in the gout affected joints back into the bloodstream for removal through the kidneys in the form of urine. As the concentration of uric acid in the joint fluid reduces, those deposited urate crystal will start to dissolve in the liquid and back to free floating state which can then be ‘pulled’ out from the joints. Once all the urate crystal in the joints is cleared, you will be free from gout forever. It is that simple.

Water Is Faster Than Foods

The water I recommend here is not normal your normal drinking water or any of the bottled mineral water, the best water for treating gout is ionized alkaline water. As its name implies, this type of water water is rich in alkaline mineral that is in the active ionized form and ready for instant absorption into the bloodstream to do the work of cleaning out the excess uric acid in your body. Unlike alkaline foods, ionized alkaline water bypasses the process of breaking down bigger molecules, that is why it is the most effective way of lowering uric acid in the body. The result is definitely better than taking the chemically produced medicines such as allopurinol and colchicine.

Be Prepared for Healing Crisis

If you want fast recovery and you decided to try the combo, which is taking alkaline foods (almost like a vegetarian) and ionized alkaline water together, then you have to be ready for the onset of some weird symptoms such as scattered pulsating pain at the joints, minor fever, rashes on skin, or possibly a mega gout attacks in which all the gout affected joints will swollen together. All these are just signs that your body is going through mega neutralization in your body. Usually, the healing crisis will gradually subsides in a matter of days or may be weeks, depending on how much urate crystal deposit you have. If you are afraid of the healing crisis, don’t go for the combo deal, just start with drinking ionized water of mild alkalinity and then gradually increase the alkalinity overtime.

According to basic simple science of neutralization, alkaline is the only enemy of acid. All the best in kissing gout goodbye, for good.

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