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Tropical Umbrellas and Tropical Backyard Umbrellas


Almost every resort across the globe uses tropical umbrellas to enhance the appearance of their beach and pool area. Ranging in size and pattern, these colorful accessories are practical because of the shade that they provide and attractive because of their bold and user-friendly design.

A tropical umbrella can shield beach goers from harmful UV rays. Skin cancer is a major concern of sun worshipers. Delighted with the golden tan that they receive while laying out by the pool or on the deck of their boat, many and men and women think that sun block is all the protection that they need. Keeping tropical umbrellas on hand to protect guests from too much sun exposure is often a priority for swimming pools, water parks, beaches, and resorts.

Portable and effective, a tropical umbrella can even protect a person from heavy rainfall. That is why they are so popular. Tropical climate can be unpredictable at times. Despite sunny weather, islands have their fair share of thunderstorms and rain showers. Don’t get caught off guard. Drop by a gift shop and pick up the tropical umbrella of your liking. You will thank yourself later for thinking ahead.

Umbrellas can enhance your backyard pool area as well. A burst of color can give the illusion that you are living somewhere much more exotic than where you currently reside. People who live in colder states will enjoy giving off a tropical vibe several months out of the year. A umbrella suspended over a patio table can be used year round if taken care of properly. You can also fold it up when it is not in use and store it in a garage or basement. Due to its compact nature, it will take up little room once folded.

Pick out the type of tropical umbrella that best fits your décor or personality. Common motifs include pelicans, palm trees, hibiscus flowers, Hawaiian luau dancers, flamingos, tiki masks, and fruity drinks. Place a few in your backyard close to your tiki hut for a real conversation piece. People will flock to your house because of its entertainment value. Keep a few bottles of drink mix on hand so you can whip up tropical concoctions in no time flat. Umbrellas help set the mood and provide instant décor at a minute’s notice.

There is no need to rent out a fancy reception hall for your next big event. Celebrate by the pool and lounge around in the sun underneath a giant tropical umbrella. Not only will you be surrounded by island inspired décor, you will also be in the company of the people that matter most to you-your friends and family members.

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