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The Unsatisfied Sex Lives of Women – Sex and Reality Checks


Sex and reality checks is about the role our modern society plays in our expectations of sex and how this damages the reality of achieving great sex. Everyone knows just how inhibition can limit us. Yet being completely uninhibited is not the answer either. Finding the happy medium can be tough.

If you are a woman who has always had a hard time with enjoying sex or getting ‘Properly’ satisfied, then this next sentence will be important. You are not the problem. There is nothing wrong with you and you are certainly not alone in this. The sex and reality checks of our modern world are becoming increasingly important. Our expectations should come from the knowledge of ourselves and not the untold but highly spoken, “truths” of others.

There is another thing that is important to our modern civilized world. Blame, and the importance of having or needing an answer or a reason. Sometimes, there just is not a reason or an answer. One thing to understand is that it is Not YOU! It is not a fault of your lack of interest in sex. It is not your ability to keep your libido in sync with the rest of the world. Nor is this a shortcoming of your man, or men in general.

The problem is from all people. The primary problem, with your unsatisfying sex life, is the fantastic and unrealistic expectations you hold on to. The media, the movies, the television shows, even the magazines and books you read about showing how other people are having great sex. Each and every single time that the public world approaches romance and sex it is always perfect.

You, as well as every other person in the world, clings desperately to an image of perfection. An image that no one single person could ever possibly live up to in the reality of a real life. This is a very detrimental perspective to hold on to, unless you really enjoy disappointment.

Another thing to consider, is the fact that the predominant motivation of these concepts that are ingrained into your mind-set is: Marketing. Build up expectations to an inconceivable hope. Then, they offer you their solution. People may end up hating me for saying that but it is the truth. Better sex and reality checks came from my understanding of people and their needs.

Another important understanding that needs to be addressed is that you should not necessarily lower your expectations of sex. You should still maintain a high standard. In fact, it is necessary in order to achieve good sex. Make it more visceral, Just, realign your perspective. The truth about sex and reality checks is that the best sex comes from guess who?


You may not be the problem but you are most definitely the solution. If you want to improve your sex life and your sex, sexual performance and everything else involved, it all begins with you. What you connect to and associate with, comes from yourself. What makes you feel good, what you enjoy, what you accept as normal, are all things that you feel. This comes from what is inside your self. No one else is going to bring it to you. Well, in most cases this is the case.

Studies have proved that people who enjoy masturbating with themselves, ultimately have better sex. They also have more fun with sex and enjoy sex more. This begins with feeling more comfortable with yourself. As well as feeling more comfortable with and around others. This is sex and reality checks realized. So, begin with yourself and drop all those ridiculous expectations. You will live a much more satisfying life and you may even have the sex that movies are made from.

Source by Jamie Alan

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