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The Impact Of Organizational Change


Change is very important and inevitable. There are lots of texts on change, most especially on courses like management, organizational behaviour, industrial management, etc. No organization is static over a long period of time in its structure and other constituents. Organization introduces change from time to time in line with economic trends and other environmental changes.

At this time of serious global economic meltdown, many organizations are forced to embrace change in order to survive the hard times. There has been continuous streamlining of the workforce, work restructuring, workers retraining to be able to handle 2 or 3 peoples’ jobs, internal engineering, etc to mention but a few. Organizational change is not a new concept and thus efforts are not made here to start defining the concept of organizational change as there are great numbers of texts that had captured the concept beautifully.

There are number of impacts of these changes, either radical or slow, on the organization. Thus, this write-up will be looking at some of the impacts of change on the organization.

– Organizational change will help to improve the image of the organization if well introduced and effectively implemented.

– There is always new integrated and unified system within the organization. With change duplication could be eradicated and work split over long process be shortened.

– Change has the characteristics of greater efficiency while effectiveness is not ruled out. This has to do with doing what is right and doing the right thing.

– Organizational change enhances competitive business and reduces production cost. These are two important concepts in an organization that must be give prior attention. Change repositions an organization for better competitiveness while reducing cost to the minimum.

– Change helps to make the employees or personnel more experience as a result of new training for the new challenges. Once there is a change in any organization, what follows is training and development. Making workers know their new, enlarged responsibilities and how to meet up with the expectation.

– Organizational change makes workers more accountable since they now have more job roles. They are now made to account for more responsibilities and many workers see this as being motivational when backed up with more rewards.

– It also enhances strategic planning on the part of the management. Management faces new work and structural challenges and they tend to plan more so as to avoid failure.

– With organizational change, management forecasting is more enhanced. This paves way for strategic planning. Management looks deeply into the future to see what is obtainable and ensure that failures are quickly tackled and effectively managed.

– Good decision making is another benefit of organizational change.

On the whole, organizational change is important and should be taking seriously by organization. The globe and the industry are highly competitive and adaptability to change as fast as possible still remains one major secret of the most successful organizations on the planet.

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