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The Acceptance of Tattoos


The beginning of the tattoo culture has its roots in rituals and traditions. It is one of the oldest art forms.

In the United States, tattoos became established in the early 20th century. Carnival side shows, sailors and other military branches, as well as bikers were probably the probably the largest groups in our society receiving tattoos. Most pioneers in the tattoo field began their career in carnivals. In the circus sideshows even women were treated equally to men when it came to the art of tattoos. Betty Broadbent and Dainty Dotty are two such circus women who eventually became tattoo artist themselves.

Tattoos have been enjoying a resurgence of interest in the past 10 years or so. Many individuals from all walks of life are now proud to display their tattoos and are enjoying the quality art that can be found in tattoo art. With the advancement of higher quality inks and the advancement of artistry that talented tattoo artists can achieve, more and more Americans are deciding that they want a tattoo.

Another reason for the popularity and acceptance of tattoos is the celebrity factor. Many movie stars, musical groups, and famous athletes are now proudly displaying their tattoos. The youth of our society look up to these celebrities and shopping habits prove that people emulate them.

The acceptance of tattoos is slowly penetrating the middle age bracket as well. People in their late 30’s and early 40’s are also heading for their local tattoo parlor. With the advantage of have an established career and perhaps better financial security, this age group is more likely to be more decisive on what type of tattoos they want and where to place their art. This same age group typically has children that are showing an interest in tattoo art which has additional influence to this older generation.

Our society is realizing the joy of expressing our individuality through tattoos. Your faith, your beliefs, and your individual taste can all find a way to be expressed visually to others through tattoo art.

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