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Super Foods to Fight Arthritis


The good old saying stands valid, you are what you eat. With some thought and effective planning it’s possible to get nutrient rich food into your system, believe me your body will thank you for it. The battle against arthritis should from start from inside your body, with so choices sometimes we take things for granted. Here are some of conscious choice you could make when it comes to battle against arthritis and full pain relief.

Salmon as you might know is full of omega 3 fatty acid, the good fat which your body requires on a day to basis. Eating salmon gives you a double edge advantage , it is good for your cardiovascular health , it has been known to raise the levels of good cholesterol, bringing your blood pressure down.

Bananas – one of the richest sources of potassium and sudden energy booster, its great drink any time of the day , best of all you it doesn’t need any preparation, its easy as peel and go. The specific arthritis fighting nutrients like folate and vitamin B6 is in the right proportion in a banana. Again banana has dual benefits; it contains a high fibre content which will give you the full feeling faster than other food groups there by helping you lose weight as well. Wouldn’t you eat a banana if you can achieve full pain relief ?

If you are a seafood lover like me, don’t ignore the importance of shrimps. They contain the hard to get vitamin D, in fact it contains more Vitamin D than a cup of milk. Just like salmon it contains Omega 3 fatty acids the vitamins B12 which keeps you in good all round health. In general for full pain relief include a wide range of deep sea food.

Green tea has recently come into the lime light as super food; it’s a known fact that green tea is an effective anti oxidant and has various other properties which will help you not only in curing arthritis but also help a whole raft of other health related problems. If you were to pick one among the discussed super foods, it would be green tea.

Little planning goes a long way when it comes to your intake of food and controlling arthritis. Don’t make the common mistake which people make, they stick to good food for a week or so and then revert back to old ways, the trick is to be always conscious of what you put into your system.

Source by Melvin Michael

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