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Stress – The Enemy Within


Stress relief is mandatory and crucial in this age of information. Stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way. Stress can affect a person both immediately and over time. Commons symptoms of stress include muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, headache, stiff neck/ tight shoulders, backache, rapid breathing, sweating, and upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea. These events are known as stressors. Regardless of whether an event is good or bad, if the changes it brings strain our coping skills, the end result is the subjective feeling of stress and the body’s biological stress response. There are three different types of stressors:

o Frustrations

o Conflicts

o Pressures

We would like to provide researched backed, natural and inexpensive stress relief products. We know that natural products work best and have millions of returning customers with proven results.

How to Control the Adverse Effects with Proper Stress Relief?

Stress, in small or large form, is not good for a human’s overall health. Research suggests that 90% of illness is stress-related. There are also many health problems linked to stress such as heart attack, hypertension, stroke, cancer, diabetes, depression, obesity, eating disorders, substance abuse, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, memory loss, lupus, insomnia, thyroid problems, and infertility. There is no solution or medicinal cure for stress, but there are ways to relieve stress or make it less damaging to your health.

We have all natural and highly effective vitamin supplements & herbal remedies that can help with problems related to stress, as well as products that prevent certain stressors from affecting your health. These products include:

o Multi Vitamin Formula – Vitamins Approved By Dr. Clarke (The ND For Vitamin Agent.com & Minerals

o All Term Memory Formula

o Mental Focus Formula

o Body Detox – Natural Body Detoxification Formula

o Cardio Health Formula

o Energize Formula – Natural Energy Booster

While there is no cure for stress, Vitamins Approved By Dr. Clarke (The ND For Vitamin Agent.comOnline4Less.com would like you to feel safe knowing that our great, all-natural vitamin supplements & herbal remedies will protect you from the long term affects of stress. There is no way to protect the body or mind from natural stressors, but we can protect ourselves from the long term affects. Let us help you do just that in an easy, inexpensive way.

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