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Skin Care For Dogs – 3 Homemade Remedies and 4 Must Have Accessories For Their Bath


We all have to be careful what shampoo is used on our dogs because some of them can actually irritate their skin. Just because a shampoo is good for us humans does not mean it’s good for your dog. So why not make your own? Here are some tips on making home remedies for your dogs grooming purposes for a fraction of the cost.

1. Shampoo

A very good home remedy is mixing Aloe Vera gel with water. It is so mild on your dog’s skin plus it makes their coats very shiny. Just slightly dilute a handful of Aloe with water and work the mixture into your dog’s DRY coat. Rinse it well with warm water when finished. If it bothers you that it doesn’t foam up, you can add a dab of baby shampoo to the mixture. (baby shampoo is gentle even for dogs)

Cost: Under $5.00

2. All-natural Rinse

If you insist on having a store-bought shampoo, mix up an all-natural rinse and work it into your dogs coat following the shampoo. It actually restores the ph balance of your dog’s skin and removes any excess shampoo. Mix one teaspoon apple cider vinegar with one pint of warm water. Work it into your dogs coat and rinse with warm water.

Cost: Under $5.00

3. Keep Your Dog’s Dry Skin Under Control

There are so many dogs that have dry skin. This can be anything from having allergies to having a bad diet. Help them out by making a homemade remedy of rinsing your dog with a little bit of chamomile tea. Boil the water, make the tea and when it cools down pour it over your dog. It sooths your dogs skin without having any kind of oily residue. You can even rub a small amount of olive oil on your dog if he has severe dry skin. Towel him off with a paper towel.

Cost: Under $1

Give Your dog His Own Bath Accessories

1. Wash Cloths

It’s a good idea to always use a washcloth for your dog’s face. This prevents you from getting any shampoo into their eyes or ears. They are already stressed, so don’t make it worse by taking unnecessary chances. Have at least two washcloths on hand at all times. Cost $2 – $4

2. Towels

This is obviously one of the most important accessories when giving your dog a bath. You need to have at least two towels because dogs always seem to soak through the first one very fast. You can go to Target or Walmart and get towels for very good prices so getting two will still stay within your budget and your dog will have his very own towels. Cost: $3 – $6

3. A Loofah for Your Dog?

Yes, believe it or not, this is just as good for your dog as it is for you. It will help you get rid of loose excess hair which makes it much easier for you to brush them after their bath. Get the loofah wet and start stroking your pet from their head all the way down to their tail. This is done after shampooing but before you do the rinse. You will be amazed at how much excess hair will be going down the drain instead of getting all over your home. Cost: Under $2

4. Bathmat

Buy your dog a nice soft bathmat to put down after his bath and then cover him with his towel. You want them to stay warm. Then watch their energy soar! They may not like a bath but they sure do love feeling clean.

Cost – $3 – $7

Source by Susan Benson

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