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Sex Weight Loss – Sex Diet For Burning Calories


The sex diet for weight loss is very popular due to the amount of calories you can burn during intercourse and the added neurological benefits and cancer prevention. Sexual foreplay for around 15 – 20 minutes can burn around 150 – 200 calories which is equivalent to taking a walk or walking up stairs.

If you decide to get more creative during sexual intercourse is possible to burn a lot more weight and you can burn as many calories as you would from playing a game of basketball and it also incorporates some of the same muscle groups.

Sex Fat burning Muscle

The most common muscle’s used during sexual intercourse include

– glutes (buttocks)

– Core muscles (abdominals)

– Shoulders and arms

– Legs – quads (upright position)

Sex weight loss positions

For more idea’s on positions for the most fat burning try a kama sutra book or website but the most commonly used are.

– Normal missionary position

– Up against the wall

– Standing Position

– Walking Wheelbarrow or Doggy style.

Sex Diet foods

It’s a great idea to incorporate food into your sex life and by far the popular choice are erotic and sensual fruits. The great thing about the fruits we enjoy in the bedroom are they are mostly low gi so they don’t affect your blood sugar levels while being delicious

Best Sex Diet Fruits with low Glycemic Index

– Strawberries.

– Grapes

– Prunes

– Peaches

– Grapefruit

– Cherries

And for some added excitement you can try dipping your fruits in some sugar free melted chocolate, which can add even more weight loss benefits by giving you caffeine which will increase your bodies core temperature allowing you to burn more calories. It may be an idea to move your intercourse to the shower when you start to sweat.

Source by Norman Planck


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