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Durable Bath Towels With High Thread Count


Something that most people don’t realize when shopping for bath towels, curtains, linens and wash cloths, however, is that the thread counts of these particular items is directly correlated to the durability of the items. If the items have a thread count that is higher than average, then they will typically last longer than those with lower than average counts. The average thread count for most materials and towels in particular tends to be between and around 200 to 300. The quality of towels is often correlated to the thread count of the material. There are towels that have counts up to 8 and 9 hundred, and as one would expect these towels are some of the highest quality towels one can purchase for their home, but they will also tend to be the most expensive.The average counts for bed sheets and linens are average for the less than the average for towels, mainly because towels are fairly thick and, therefore, require much more thread to give them their absorbent abilities.

The main thing that one should be searching for when it comes to the towel’s thread count is the towel they purchase will be more and more durable as the count increases. For this reason; we have done everything we can to ensure the towels that are sold on our site are of the ideal count that maximizes durability for our customers. We ensure that the material our towels are made of are comprised of the most comfortable materials out there. From our towels to our bathrobes and mats, we have chosen some of the best materials available, to make our towels out of.

What is Egyptian Cotton? One of the main materials that we make our robes and towels out of is 100% Egyptian cotton. This fabric has been regarded as one of the most comfortable materials available. Egyptian cotton is regarded a luxury material to have in one’s home. This material is also regarded as one of the softest available, due to the fabric’s extra long staple of cotton. The staples in cotton refer to the length of the fibers, therefore, the longer the fiber, the softer the fabric is going to be. For this reason, Egyptian cottons also tend to be fairly expensive. With this particular fabric, one can expect their towels to be most durable out there. We all know the average life expectancy of the towels that are typically purchased in a whim, these towels are lucky to see it past a couple years or so, and this is directly correlated to the towel’s durability, which comes right back to the towel’s thread count. For that reason it is important, if not essential, to realize what it is that puts the years into a towel’s life.

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