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Quick Weight Loss Diets For Smaller People


Is there such a thing as quick weight loss diets for smaller people?

I think it is more about adapting a weight programme to suit a lifestyle than a size. Yes, I know that there is a theory that bigger people use more calories than smaller people but even so I think that it is more about looking at how we use diets, rather than looking for a special diet for smaller people.

What ever size we are or what ever job we do – each brings its own set of problems. At the end of the day the problem for someone or any one who is over weight (excepting a medical related problem)the fact that we are taking in more fuel than our bodies need. Whether we are large or small boned, a big stature or small stature, the same applies – take in more than you need and the body will store it!

It’s all about realising what we do and where we’ve come from. Years ago we would walk to school, go for picnics on mountains, walk or cycle with friends, our grandparents thought nothing of walking even over mountains to visit family and friends or even to work. Our world has changed and we need to change with it. If we have desk jobs or use a car to go everywhere then we need to increase our daily output of energy to remain a healthy weight or even to regain our figures!

Quick fixes exist but they all need to be followed by lifestyle changes or these “quick fixes” wont last as we would like them to do.

To lose weight we need to control what we eat and drink so that it balances out with what we out put in energy. If we are carrying extra weight then we need to drop our intake of food and increase our output of energy until they balance out no matter what our size or stature.

There are a number of group led diets like Lighter Life, the Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, etc., which are full of like minded supportive groups who are invaluable in the fight to lose weight. Yes I believe it is a fight as we are fighting our bodies and our minds to control the addictive nature of some foods so that we can keep to a sensible weight whereby we can live a full and vibrant life regardless of our age.

Having allowed our bodies and minds full range in what we eat and drink, discipline is something we naturally fight since few of us like to admit we are slaves to anything or that we can’t control ourselves. What ever the adverts on the television, in the supermarkets, in the newspapers, or on the packages say – we do not need to be any one other than who we are! We need to depend on things other than food to make us feel good or rewarded. We need to understand why we are as we are and how to change what we want to change. If we want to play sport then we need to get our bodies in trim so that we can do that, – if we want to wear a smart out-fit for that family wedding, – if we want to do a marathon and raise money for charity, – if we want to lose weight for a particular event or because we’ve had enough of being uncomfortable with the extra weight we are carrying, – then we need to set out a programme to achieve our aims.

It is not about finding a quick weight loss for smaller people, it is about finding a weight loss programme that will suit our life style and meet our expectations regardless of our size or stature.

Source by Ken H Jones

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