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Pushups For Functional Strength


As you probably already know if you have been reading magazines pushups

are on their way back as a way as conditioning, but the experts are still

using the pushup only as a way to pump up, to get the blood flowing.

The pushup is far more than a warmup to exercise or to finish off a workout, you can

get a great workout using pushups as part of your regular workouts.

Using your own bodyweight will condition your body extremely fast and the pushup

is a total body conditioner that can strengthen your body as a whole.

To burn more more fat and build lean muscle you need to find ways to work

as many muscles as possible at the same time, this is the way to fast


To many people are more concerned about weight loss instead of fat loss and

there is a big difference, we want to keep lean muscle and lose fat.

If we get caught up in what we read we will continue to jog and lift weights and

we will get the same results.

The pushup will work the whole body, and will also build a lot of strength throughout

the core, the pushup also acts as a isometric movement.

Isometrics are tensing the muscles without movement and if you hold the pushup

position for extended periods of time you will be working the body in an isometric

fashion and this will stimulate more fat burning not to mention the way your

muscles will be worked.

By holding the pushup position as straight as possible your abdominal’s and lower

back will get a great workout.

This seems to be an easy exercise considering so many people have weak

abdominal’s and lower backs.

Pushups will strengthen the body as one and this is where functional strength

comes in, this is how true physical fitness and strength are built.

Pushups can be done at different angles on different surfaces, and this is what

builds strength- working your body as many different ways as possible.

A great pushup exercise can be done with two medicine balls, either

the same size or different sizes it doesn’t matter, you use the medicine

balls like pushup bars – you will have to work harder because you have to

keep the balls from rolling away and this will build a strong body not to mention

a rock hard core.

Source by Johnny Grube

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